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Our Quartz System is formulated to stand up to liquids, chemicals and high foot traffic.

Whether you’re managing a commercial business, like a restaurant, retail space, warehouse, or storage facility, the last thing you want to be concerned about is the flooring in your business space. However, unfinished concrete floors aren’t as resilient as we’ve been conditioned to believe. We automatically think that because something is made out of concrete, well, it must be indestructible. But this way of thinking is simply not true. Concrete floors are actually quite porous and are susceptible to significant wear and tear if not sufficiently protected soon after they are constructed. If your concrete flooring is being utilized in a commercial setting it is more likely to be subjected to caustic chemicals, impacts or heavy foot traffic—which means you will want to protect your concrete flooring from damage and wear and tear. For a floor that’s built to last under even the most strenuous conditions, turn to Webfoot Concrete Coatings! In as little as 24 hours, we can upgrade your concrete flooring with our specially formulated quartz system.

Quartz System Flooring—Looks Great & Is Built To Last

With our advanced, slip-resistant design, quartz flooring can fit a wide array of situations. Quartz flooring is well suited to dog daycare centers, restaurant kitchens, and hospitals—anywhere that may be frequently exposed to water or chemicals, or any area that requires an extra level of safety. Webfoot Concrete Coatings has invested only the best flooring options. Our quartz flooring system has been specially designed with the following benefits and features in mind:

  • It’s Strong—Really Strong: Made of 100% solids, our flooring is resistant to abrasions from heavy equipment or machinery, and high foot traffic. It’s resistant to chemicals like grease, oil, and acids. It’s also UV-stable, meaning it won’t fade in direct sunlight.
  • It’s Flexible: Quartz flooring is made to withstand variable temperatures without peeling, cracking or fracturing.
  • It’s Got Great Adhesion: Our scientifically proven formula guarantees strong and permanent adhesion to your floors, this will lengthen your floor’s lifespan and reduce overall maintenance costs.
  • It’s Stylish: Unlike ordinary, plain concrete, our system comes in an array of beautiful colors that are built right into your floors themselves. That means our flooring can reflect your unique, personal style without ever being painted or stained!

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