How to Increase the Square Footage of Your Home Without Increasing the Size of Your House

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How to Increase the Square Footage of Your Home Without Increasing the Size of Your House We’ve all been there. That nagging feeling in your mind when you start to think your house is no longer big enough for you and your family. We fuss over the criticisms There’s nowhere to put anything. If only

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Epoxy On Your Garage Floor

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Epoxy coatings have been the best available option for concrete floors for a long time. They’re definitely a fine solution for a lot of situations, offering some solid benefits that are tough to ignore. Unfortunately, it’s often assumed that if they’re right for a huge warehouse, they MUST be right for a garage or

Comparing Coatings: Paint, Epoxy, Polyurea. Which Is Right For Your Concrete Floor?

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Thinking of renovating your patio, basement, or garage, but aren’t sure where to start? Why not begin from the ground up! Transform your stained, cracked concrete floor into something you can be proud of. Covering ugly concrete with a light, reflective color is a fantastic way to revamp a drab, dusty space. The internet is

5 Ways Floor Coatings Can Help You Reclaim Your Space & Be Stress Free

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We’ve all been there – staring hopelessly around a room that reeks of dissatisfaction. Maybe it’s the cracks in the floors, the piles of clutter inching their way across every square foot, the noticeable stains, or the layers of dirt you haven’t swept up in weeks. Whatever the case, evidence suggests that the more disenchanted

Curbside Appeal 101: Five Ways To Work Those Home Assets

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Let’s face it, folks. Looks matter! Think of it like a first date: When your home hits the market, that first impression is a crucial factor in a buyer’s decision to get more serious. Instead of wondering why they didn’t call, with thoughtful curbside appeal, you and your house will possess the power of roadside

High Desert Museum: Otter Enclosure Project

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Here at Webfoot Concrete Coatings we get a lot of questions about the longevity and versatility of our concrete flooring solutions. Some of the questions we get asked include: “Are concrete coatings long-lasting?” “Are concrete coatings durable?” “Can concrete coatings be used in an interior space?” The answer to all of these questions is: yes!

Project Spotlight: Andreas Seed Oils

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    With testimonials from customers that say things like “the BEST Black Cumin Seed Oil that money can buy, ” and “thanks so much for your contribution to my health, ” it’s obvious that Andreas Seed Oils is a company whose commitment to quality raises little question.   Developed in 2008, Andreas Seed Oils

Popular Flooring Options & Webfoot Concrete Coatings

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Let's Talk Flooring.. When it comes to flooring, the options are endless. It can be overwhelming trying to digest the millions of choices that come along with such a big investment. Especially one that remains a focal point throughout your homes life span (If your home was built in the 60s, 70s or 80s, you

The One Stop Shop For All Your Concrete Coating FAQ’s

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You’ve Got Questions & We’ve Got Answers! Let's talk about concrete, baby. Let's talk about you and me.. The last thing you want to think about is the cracked concrete in your garage or the stained tile in your kitchen and laundry room! We’ve all been there! Whether you avoid those rooms all together or

Epoxy vs Webfoot Concrete Coatings: What’s the Difference?

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The Disadvantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings Epoxy floor coatings can look great when first laid, but over time their durability can fade, especially if applied incorrectly. An incorrect application can result in moisture being trapped underneath the epoxy, resulting in problematic bubbling below the surface. Other issues with epoxy floor coatings also include: Cracking, Peeling

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