Susan Clark in Redmond, OR, finally called authorities when her husband refused to leave his garage after four days.

“Admittedly,” Clark says, “I didn’t notice he was gone for the first two days.”

She adds that on the third day she noticed shuffling sounds coming from the garage, as well as what she describes as “contented humming.”

“I blame our concrete coating,” Clark says. “We got one of those fancy new garage floors, and it just flipped a switch. I thought it might be good, you know, because it’s finally clean and all. And it looks so, so good. But now he just won’t come out. He only raises the door high enough for the delivery guy to slide a pizza underneath.”

Webfoot Concrete Coatings, a local installer of concrete coatings, coated Bob and Susan’s garage floor, painted the walls, and supplied a free kegerator as part of their Serious Garage Package.

This is not the first occurrence of its kind. There was a case of a woman in Bend who refused to leave her coated patio, and a homeowner as far as Beaverton who claims that his custom-blended driveway coating is “literally all he needs in life.”

Webfoot Concrete Coatings did not offer an official comment, but does encourage Bob Clark to resume his normal activities, and save his garage for the weekend.