We hear a lot of Seriously Great questions about our concrete coatings! One of the most common? “Is it safe to coat my indoor space???”

What about my basement, my mudroom, my garage, or my second floor? With all the options we have, can you coat those spaces?

Such a great question deserves an answer from Scott, our concrete coatings General Manager and fount of all concrete coating wisdom.

Is It Safe To Coat an Interior Concrete Space?

The answer is 100% YES.

Oftentimes we get this question because people are concerned about noxious odors and smells, like the ones left behind by a lot of epoxies. The fumes can linger for days BEYOND the multiple days it takes to install the coating.

Most of the time our coatings are installed in 1 DAY or less, and have low-to-no VOCs. That means there are no lingering smells.

The next day your space is fresh, clean, and ready to use. Seriously.

What Is a VOC?

A VOC is a “volatile organic compound,” and when chemicals have high levels of VOCs, that’s when you get extreme odors that are unpleasant to smell and can even make you a little queasy. Not super pleasant!

Our concrete coating system has extremely low levels of VOCs, similar to what you’d experience while painting a wall. We recommend opening a window, but there’s nothing to be worried about. And, best of all, the smell doesn’t linger (unlike epoxy floor systems).

Have Any Other Questions About Our Concrete Floor Coatings?

We’re all ears! Contact us TODAY to learn more and get one step closer to transformed concrete floors. Stink-free.