Concrete Coatings: Polyurea Is The Premier Top Shelf Flooring Protectant According To Industry Suppliers

Although epoxy and polyurethane were the preferred and trusted standard in floor coatings at one time, the results are in and polyurea is now the raining top shelf concrete coating champion. But don’t take our word for it, see what the chemists producing these concrete coating mixes have to say…


Chemline, a trusted industry supplier for nearly 30 years says when it comes to concrete coatings in a knock out fight between epoxy and polyurea, there’s no contest. Polyurea wins everytime. According to their article, A Short Synopsis of Polyurethane, Polyurea and Hybrids, “polyurea coatings are considered the premium coating option.”

Chemline explains, “Polyureas are more expensive than polyurethanes, but allow for significant processing and application advantages. These chemicals react almost instantaneously, even without a catalyst. Since there is no catalyst in the formulation, the isocyanate-water reaction is very slow. The isocyanate-amine reaction is so fast that the reaction between isocyanate and water is eliminated. This allows polyurea formulations to be very robust to any humidity or moisture concerns that would otherwise have a negative effect on the performance of the coating. Polyurea coatings are preferred as topcoats for applications where very rapid curing is needed for fast turn-around times, and when the coated substrate will be exposed to extreme conditions…


Addressing the bonding difference between polyurethanes/epoxys and polyureas, V-seal refers to all coating products as seals. They differentiate the sealing products as penetrating and topical. A penetrating seal means the coating actually bonds at a molecular level (or crystalizes) to the layer below it – this is the strongest seal possible (or a polyurea seal). The topical is more in alignment with a mechanical seal, or just a membrane adhered to a surface. This is why epoxy chips quicker and easier than more modern polyurea systems. Chemical bonds are much stronger than their mechanical sealing counterparts.

Penntek Industrial Coatings

Long standing concrete coatings leader, Penntek Industrial Coatings, knows that a floor is the most used and abused part of any room – residential, commercial or industrial. That’s why Webfoot partners with them to deliver the highest performing and quality polyureas concrete coatings available on the market. To better understand the layering and bonding breakdown of their coating systems, see their article, Learn about Floor Coatings. To see what customers have to say about their products, check out Penntek’s review page.

Concrete coating floor finishes that withstand high trafficked, extreme wear and tear industrial and residential zones like High Chip Floor Finish, Metallic Floor Finish, Quartz Floor Finish, Solid-Color Epoxy Floor Finish*, Solid-Color Polyurea Floor Coating and Shop Floor Polyurea System are among the products Webfoot offers, sourced from Penntek.

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