Car Mechanic Concrete Coatings: Would Your Commercial Garage Benefit From A Concrete Coating Upgrade? 


With all the flaking, peeling and cracking you are beginning to see on your epoxy coated industrial garage floor, you’re probably wondering if a car mechanic concrete coating retrofit or custom upgrade might be a good fit for your commercial garage. Here are some variables to consider in choosing another epoxy coating or upleveling to a polyurea coating.


Residential reviews

How do you know that polyurea chemically bonding concrete coating is right for your commercial garage? Maybe the fact that private residents are investing in this type of flooring tells you all you need to know? For example, car collector John Martini is a polyurea pentex concrete coating convert. After experiencing UV fading and the chipping and tire pickup failings of epoxy, he’s been overwhelmingly satisfied with the chemical bond of polyurea. His floor stays so tidy, he boasts about wearing his slippers in the garage. 


But don’t just take Martini’s word for it, see what Lonnie in Idaho has to say about polyurea and storing his 20,000 pound RV. Lonnie was stoked about the one day cure time and the Webfoot team’s expert use of both massive and hand held diamond grinders (for the detail work). 

Simplicity in the installation process

Concerned or nervous about the commitment level in the installation process? Maybe your garage is open 6 days a week and you’re worried the installation of a car mechanic concrete coating would take a long time. No worries mate! We got you covered. We may even be able to punch out your concrete coating project in one day. Here’s a timelapse of the Webfoot team during installation and a run down of Webfoot’s car mechanic concrete coatings estimate process.


Answers to commonly asked questions to help you decide


Q: How soon can I drive on or move items back into the space being coated?

Polyurea (P) – 24 hours after the last coat

Epoxy (E) – 7 days after the last coat


Q: Will the car mechanic concrete coating yellow in the sun? 

P – Excellent UV stability and resistance

E – Typically not resistant to UV and or yellowing


Q: How chemical resistant is the coating?

P – Excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals and solvents (including gasoline and oil).

E – Pretty good resistance as well, however since epoxy often deteriorate sooner, timing for chemical resistance is limited.


Q: How long will the coating last? 

P – 3-4x more than epoxy

E – Although they have excellent hardness properties, they deteriorate faster


Q: Will the floor be resistant to hot tire pick-up? 

P – Hot tire pick-up less likely by far

E – Hot tire pick-up more likely

Outside of the commercial sphere, Webfoot is the Pacific Northwest’s leader when it comes to residential, garage and any imaginable concrete coating. Contact us for a free estimate today.


By: KM Collins