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Your New Favorite Central Oregon Concrete Coating Contractor

If you’re a Bend, Oregon local, then you’ve seen our Webfoot Painting vans around town during the 18+ years that we’ve worked locally. But we’re not just painters. With hundreds of seriously satisfied customers, Webfoot Concrete Coatings is proud to be a trusted concrete coating company serving the Central Oregon community. We install concrete floor coatings in Bend and the surrounding cities and towns of Central Oregon.


Residential & Commercial Floor Coatings in Bend, OR

Webfoot Concrete Coatings is a full-service floor coating contractor offering a range of concrete coating options for all of your needs. We provide professional concrete resurfacing for commercial and residential spaces, with a focus on high-quality garage floor coatings. We’ll help you finish your space with an excellent product and expert installation. 

We’re a community-focused company aiming to provide our customers with the best service and product on the market. When you choose Webfoot, you choose The Webfoot Difference.

The Webfoot Difference

  • Durability – Don’t worry about going easy on these floors.
  • Installation – Precision is the name of the game, and we only need one day.
  • Presentation – Who says a garage can’t be your favorite room in the house?
  • Partnership – Our team works for you, and we’re here for the long haul.

“Webfoot was very professional and did an amazing job on our garage floor! Our tired 1982 stained and cracked concrete floor was embarrassing, but Webfoot made it look brand new! We couldn’t be happier we chose Webfoot for the job!”

Lori Marino, Seriously Satisfied Customer

“Webfoot Concrete Coatings recently coated my garage floor and the experience from beginning to end exceeded my expectations. Weston bid my project, answered all of my questions and did a great job explaining the benefits of the Webfoot process. My garage floor had significant cracking and JP and Brandon took the time to repair all of the cracks, prep the floor and put down the most durable coating available. They showed up on time and were professional. My garage looks like a showroom floor and I could not be happier with the result. Thank you again!”

Chris Baldwin, Seriously Satisfied Customer

Great experience with kind, knowledgeable and professional webfoot representatives!  The crew did an amazing job on our garage floor!  I would HIGHLY recommend using Webfoot for any of their services.  You will not be disappointed and they will do a fantastic job!  They are on time, reliable, honest and overall great people!”

Marcus Biancucci, Your Content Goes Here


Webfoot’s Process

We understand the investment of a high-quality coating, and we want to keep you informed from the beginning. Our process is based on a standard of communication that makes us available to answer your questions for the entirety of your project. Every project follows our 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Schedule an Estimate. Get started by scheduling an estimate with one of our local Boise professional coatings specialists. 
  • Step 2: Meet Our Boise Specialists. Our specialists conduct a full Area-Condition report to help you make an informed decision. 
  • Step 3: Purchase Your New Floor. Select from our wide range of color options and finishes and schedule your 1-day transformation. 
  • Final Step: Transform Your Space. One of our highly-trained Boise install crews will transform your space into an area that you will love.


Restore Your Damaged Garage Floor With A Concrete Coating

Garage floors are subject to a variety of damage since they’re the safe space to do all of your messiest jobs. Often your concrete floor will suffer from oil stains, rust stains, and all the possible types of grime. 

Webfoot can tackle and repair all of these issues with the installation of a new, easy-to-clean, durable, concrete coating. As part of our process, we’ll use a large, heavy-duty grinder to smooth your existing floor and polish away those crude stains. We then offer a variety of garage floor finishes, including the popular chip system and other solid-color stain options. 

If you’re suffering from a DIY epoxy floor coating gone wrong, no worries! We can remove that existing coating and start fresh, too. 


Long-Term Benefits of a Webfoot Concrete Coating

Webfoot Concrete Coatings has years of experience and we have tried many of the products on the market that claim to provide long-term solutions to damaged concrete flooring. 

At first, we experimented with epoxy, but found it didn’t meet our expectations for protecting our customers’ hardworking surfaces with a strong coating. 

Now, we’re committed to a unique polyurea coating system that meets our standards for durability, ease, and quick install time. Benefits of polyurea as a garage floor coating include:

  • Durability – Polyurea isn’t brittle like epoxy, meaning that it is more durable throughout its lifetime. It is scratch-resistant, chemical-resistant, and moisture-resistant. It is also 10x more flexible than epoxy, meaning the expansion and contraction of the concrete underneath during variations in weather won’t cause cracking as you see with epoxies.
  • Better Bond – During a hot summer, epoxy can stick to your car’s tires, causing hot-tire pickup, meaning the epoxy will peel off your concrete. Polyurea chemically bonds with the concrete, meaning that it essentially becomes one with the surface. As a result, hot tires are a non-issue. 
  • 1-DAY Installation – While epoxy takes up to 5 days to cure, polyurea bonds quickly, allowing you to be back in your garage the next day in most cases.
  • Temperature-Tolerant – Epoxy requires very particular conditions, temperature, and time to totally cure. Thanks to the chemical reaction that takes place, polyurea can be installed in a large variety of weather conditions. 


Cost of a Concrete Coating

There’s no simple formula, but there’s a way for you to get a rough idea/ballpark of how much you will likely spend on your concrete floor coating. Webfoot Concrete Coatings has 18+ years of professional experience, and we have a great understanding of the factors that go into pricing a concrete coating project. We’ve defined the 5 Cost Factors of a Concrete Coating Project

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Webfoot Concrete Coatings Crew Member, Bend, OR

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