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Where We Started in Concrete Coatings

Webfoot Concrete Coatings has been around the block. We have tried many of the products on the market that claim to provide long-term solutions to cracking or stained concrete flooring. Because of this, our team had high standards.

First off, we got excited about trying epoxy. At the time, it seemed like a promising option for protecting our customers hardworking surfaces with a strong coating. But owners Gavin and Travis were just never really happy with the long-term performance.

Why We Didn’t Love Epoxy

Plus, epoxy has chronic issues with hot tire lift, adhesion, long curing times, mess, fumes, etc. Besides, we didn’t want something that was just good enough. We wanted something, well, Seriously Great. Therefore, epoxy just didn’t check all of the boxes for Webfoot Concrete Coatings customers.

Where We Found the Solution

When we first encountered this unique polyurea coating system, we got to work researching and exploring the possibilities, benefits, and real-world performance. Plus, we explored what really makes it different than epoxy. However, we didn’t just want a more expensive finish that met the same pitfalls. And what we found really got us excited. This cracked the code. We had found a high-quality, high-performance coatings that are quick to apply and cure.

Polyurea at Webfoot Concrete Coatings

We decided that this was the top-notch product that we knew we could get behind. Likewise, we only ever want to offer our clients the very best that the market has to offer. Polyurea met our standards for durability, ease, and quick install time. And how can we forget, it also looks BEAUTIFUL. The flooring comes in a variety of color options. We know it is a solution for many businesses or residences that are looking to recreate their boring concrete space.

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