We’ve worked in the past with floor coatings. Specifically, epoxy. Our clients liked the idea of protecting their vulnerable, hardworking surfaces with a strong coating (and so did we!), but owners Gavin and Travis were just never really happy with the long-term performance. Plus, epoxy has chronic issues with hot tire lift, adhesion, long curing times, mess, fumes, etc…

Besides, we didn’t want something that was just good enough… We wanted something, well, Seriously Great.

When we first encountered this unique polyurea coating system, we got to work researching and exploring the possibilities, benefits, and real-world performance. And, we explored what really makes it different than epoxy. What we found really got us excited – the code had been cracked on high-quality, high-performance coatings that are quick to apply and cure. Plus, they look awesome!

Contact us today to learn more, and to see for yourself why our concrete coatings are a Seriously Great solution.